Download the workshop presentations here!


Thanks to many of the presenters who shared their presentations with us, we are able now to share the ones we have with everyone who attended ABLA 2023.


Follow this LINK to a Google Drive where you can download the presentations.[...]

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In photos: ABLA 2023 started in Bogota


ABLA 2023, the conference that brings together binational centers from Latin America, began with great success in Bogota, Colombia.

For three days, binational center directors, those who are dedicated to teaching the English language and cultural exchange will discuss new strategies and challenges for education and the strengthening of their programs.

ABLA 2023 will take place from May 23rd to 25th in the Colombian capital. 


Click here to explore and download all the photos to the event.


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Travel tips for ABLA 2023

Tip 1: Keep in mind the exchange rate between the Colombian peso and the US dollar!

Tip 2: Bogotá is cool and frequently rainy!

Tip 3: ABLA is business casual

Tip 4: US dollars in Colombia are generally not accepted. Keep local currency on hand for small purchases.

Tip 5: Ask a local about how much taxis should cost to different parts of the city.

Tip 6: Can exchange money in the airport.

Tip 7: Should you tip in Bogotá?

Tip 8: Be cautious about drinking the water.

Tip 9: Make sure your bank cards are authorized for international purchases!

Tip 10: Keep in mind the altitude!


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Travel grant information

If you received an ABLA travel grant and live outside of Colombia, you must purchase your ticket and complete this Google form by March 31st. If you are in Colombia, you must complete this form. We will purchase the tickets directly for everyone in Colombia.

After March 31st we will review the information from each BNC, and if there are several people who have received a travel grant from the BNC or if the amount of the ticket(s) is high, we will contact you for information in order to do a wire transfer to reimburse the funds.

If there is only one person at your BNC who received the travel grant or if the overall amount is quite low, we will reimburse your payment in cash in Bogotá. We will inform you of this before the conference.

Keep in mind that the registration for the event is separate! You must complete the registration (and pay the corresponding registration fee) by the first week in May. You can find the Google form in this webpage or directly at this link.

See you in Bogotá![...]

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Information about hotels in Bogotá during ABLA 2023

The conference hotel is the Sheraton Bogotá Hotel at Calle 25B No. 69C-80. If you received a travel grant, you will (probably) be staying at this hotel. We will provide you with individual information by the end of March. For those with a travel grant, your lodging for 4 nights is included (check in on May 22 and check out on May 26). If you plan to be in Bogotá for more time, please contact Olga Vallejo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The approximate amount for additional nights is US$65. If you plan to travel with someone, an additional person in your room will cost around $20 per night.

If you didn’t receive a travel grant, you can contact the Sheraton Hotel to see if there is availability, but the hotel is filling up fast. For that reason, we have negotiated with the Holiday Inn Bogotá Airport Hotel (Avenida Calle 26 No 69D-91), which is less than a block from the Sheraton Hotel. You can contact Cristina Vaquero at the Holiday Inn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use this link to register at the hotel. The approximate cost per night is US$85.

If you are looking for another hotel option, we have negotiated a special price at the Hampton by Hilton Bogota Airport, which is about three blocks from the conference hotel (Sheraton). The price at the Hampton is approximately US$65 (plus tax) per night. You can register directly with the hotel by following this link. [...]. The Hotel Capital is also in the same block as the Sheraton, and they have prices starting around US$75 (plus tax). You can see more at their webpage:[...]

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ELT 2023 - Bogotá, Colombia: Beyond New Challenges: Binational Centers and their Role in Transforming Language Teaching in Latin America

 In a fast-changing world, the field of ELT has responded to a call for renovation by shifting paradigms about language learning to privilege communicative approaches and the implementation of student-centered methodologies to empower learners with important life skills.  The social and cultural events developing in the world, the evolution of technology in education after the Covid 19 pandemic, and nature and pace of globalization have become the inspiring reality for policy makers, administrators, parents and teachers to rethink aspects such as learning spaces, the contents that matter in the curriculum and the means to measure successful learning. Our binational centers in Latin America cannot be excluded from this conversation. 


 ABLA 2023 will revolve around the lessons learned in recent years and their impact on our teaching practices. Join us for an event about the opportunities for growth that we can build together in the aftermath of a very demanding context. Under the title “Beyond New Challenges: Binational Centers and their Role in Transforming Language Teaching in Latin America,” we will discuss the expansion of our centers in the online world through new “hybrid” and “phygital” spaces. We will share insights about the social and emotional needs that impact our students’ academic success and the role that strong communities of practice play to help teachers with their professional development in diverse circumstances. 


ABLA ELT cordially invites you; language teachers, administrators, teacher trainers, supervisors, and curriculum developers to envision the future of ELT in Latin America through the lenses of resilience, innovation, and solidarity. 


During the event, we will be using the platform called WHOVA. Make sure you download it HERE as it will provide general event updates, program announcements, session scheduling, evaluations, comments, engagement, and much more during the conference. 


You can download the plataform WHOVA in your phone: 

 ➡  Android: Click here
 ➡  Apple: Click here


 Click here to the ELT program






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Registration ABLA 2023 Bogota

Most BNCs are facing a crisis that began before the pandemic. What is happening in education in general is not necessarily responding to the needs or interests of students. And teachers are tired of teaching – we have seen a mass migration of teachers leaving the field of teaching for other easier, greener pastures. From the point of view of language education, we are still doing basically the same thing we have been doing since the 70s or 80s when the communicative approach was presented in the language teaching field. There has been the integration of new technology to the process, but that process remains largely the same.  

In our language programs there is an extremely high dropout rate among students, and truly very few students actually finish the complete programs we offer. There is a need to explore what is happening both in the class and out of it to see if there is something fundamental about how we are approaching teaching that makes them give up easily. 

In addition to the questions about our language teaching, which for the great majority of BNCs is the primary source of income, we are also thinking about the other services we offer as well as the administrative structures of our centers. We are in need of an in-depth analysis of our situation and, instead of looking back at best practices, we need to look ahead to see where our centers are going in order to remain relevant and viable into the future. 

So, we are looking to continue the work that we began in ABLA Express. We need a wider group of discussion, including not only executive directors but also academic and cultural directors and Education USA advisors. The 3-day ABLA 2023 conference will consist in a combination of virtual and face-to-face plenary sessions and panels by experts on the future of education as well as continued hands-on workshops designed to continue the development of new strategies that can be applied by most BNCs to support the continued development and sustainability of our programs.

Conference tracks

English Teaching  


Socio-cultural Innovation

Education USA


May 23rd - 25th 

Bogotá, Colombia 

Register now until April 30th



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