Travel grant information

Travel grant information

If you received an ABLA travel grant and live outside of Colombia, you must purchase your ticket and complete this Google form by March 31st. If you are in Colombia, you must complete this form. We will purchase the tickets directly for everyone in Colombia.

After March 31st we will review the information from each BNC, and if there are several people who have received a travel grant from the BNC or if the amount of the ticket(s) is high, we will contact you for information in order to do a wire transfer to reimburse the funds.

If there is only one person at your BNC who received the travel grant or if the overall amount is quite low, we will reimburse your payment in cash in Bogotá. We will inform you of this before the conference.

Keep in mind that the registration for the event is separate! You must complete the registration (and pay the corresponding registration fee) by the first week in May. You can find the Google form in this webpage or directly at this link.

See you in Bogotá!