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One Brand, One Network

One Brand, One Network Project

Project Description
Under an American Spaces grant, The Alianza Cultural Uruguay - Estados Unidos has designed a platform, a website, and a management system available to all BNCs and BNC staff for training purposes. This system will allow BNCs to both provide and take courses.  

Alianza will manage the system for one year and then the ABLA membership will decide whether this is a useful tool and if so, how to continue its operation. 

This is a scalable project, and to kick-start it, Alianza will be offering five courses beginning in May 2021. Alianza staff will deliver each of these courses to up to 20 participants. 

• Learning Management Systems (LMS): How To Design An Online Course (en inglés)
• Sistema de gestión de aprendizaje (LMS): Cómo diseñar un curso en línea  (en español)
• Pedagogy - How To Design An Online Course (en inglés)
• Pedagogy - Claves para diseñar un curso online (en español)
• Pedagogy - How To Deliver An Online Course (en inglés)
•  Management Trends (en inglés)

More information about each course may be found here

Courses have been developed in Moodle and are linked to a web-based management system and an ABLA webpage. The system permits online registration and, upon successful completion of a course, automatically issues course certificates. 

The Purpose 
Invigorate the ABLA network and leverage individual BNC strengths for the benefit of the entire ABLA Community:
Harness the expertise of BNCs in the network and create a collaborative knowledge-base of online courses covering academic, administrative and management topics. 

BNC staff interested in taking a course should complete this application form by April 5. 

Alianza will communicate the list of applicants selected for each course by April 12. Applicants will have to formally register on the new ABLA site by April 16. There is no charge for the course, but registration is necessary. Courses will begin the week of May 3 and will go for six weeks, ending the week of June 7.  Management Trends is a 12-week course and will finish mid-July. 

A Final Word
The Alianza team is very excited at the possibility of exchanging knowledge with our colleagues. We look forward to delivering these courses, as well as to taking courses that different BNCs will offer in the future.