About the Project

ABLA Learning is a program funded by the State Department of the United States. Its objective is to support ABLA’s Mission and Vision and as a result, align the interests, standards, and goals of its diverse membership.

This project seeks to promote collaboration as one of the ways to build that alignment. It also offers an opportunity to utilize available technology to reach more members of the network. Finally, it optimizes prior American Spaces investments by building on them and broadening their reach. 

ABLA Learning allows BNCs to both provide and take courses.
From May 2021, there will be 5 courses available.

Program Purpose:

- To invigorate the ABLA network and leverage individual BNC strengths for the benefit of the entire ABLA Community.
- To harness the expertise of BNCs in the network and create a collaborative knowledge-base of online, self-access courses and case studies covering academic, administrative and management topics.
- To continue working on alignment and exchanging best practices as well as contribute to staff development and growth.